Leading in building networks

Businesses like to be close to suppliers and customers, but also to other entrepreneurs. In Den Bosch, entrepreneurs in IT, construction, logistics, retail and agrifood work closely together in different ecosystems and networks. They exchange knowledge, work together on assignments and join forces in attracting and training talent. Networking and forging new relations lies at the heart of our city’s culture. Looking for the right place to do business? Read about the many networking possibilities here.

As bon vivants by heart forging new contacts is in our DNA.

Facts about our networks

Four specialized networks in our core businesses: agrifood (Grow Campus), construction (Spark Campus), IT (ICT Community) and logistics (Five star Logistics).

Unique informal networking culture with weekly events for entrepreneurs with different backgrounds. Organized by entrepreneurs united in networks like Open Coffee, Regio Business BOB events and local hospitality.

A multitude of partnerships between education and business, like  Den Bosch Data Week, Avans Innovative Studio,  Hackathon Masters, entrepreneurial centers located in universities such as JADS and PlantLab.