Excellent residential areas

The city offers excellent and extraordinary residential areas. Scattered over the city you find family homes as well as newly built houses in safe and affordable neighbourhoods. Looking for an apartment? At rural Haverleij, an apartment in a castle awaits you. Or go highrise with an apartment in Paleiskwartier. You may also land in the heart of the historic city within walking distance of all the city's got to offer.

The English architects of the beautifully shaped Armada apartments were inspired by the four elements: light, air, land and water.

Facts about our neighbourhoods

Den Bosch has 14 neighbourhoods, spread over an area of 11,807 hectares. More than 6 percent of this surface is water. The population density varies from 2 to 53 people per hectare. 

Resident of the City of Den Bosch scored the quality of life a 7.4/10. Residents of other Dutch urban municipalities gave the quality of life in their neighborhood on average a 7.2/10 (Netherlands Statistics, 2015).

Den Bosch ranks fifth on the list of most attractive cities in the Netherlands. Runner up in Brabant is Eindhoven on position 12.