The city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, commonly called Den Bosch, is characterized by an atmosphere of meeting and sharing. Firms of all shapes and sizes effortlessly connect to one another and are easily embedded in several of the city’s strong ecosystems such as the ICT and data sector. Additionally, the city has a strong business environment for the sectors agrifood, retail, construction, and logistics. The city’s large population of small-sized enterprises and start-ups are a source of economic dynamic and innovation. And due to the multitude of major companies located in Den Bosch, the city is connected to national and international networks. Our open culture towards businesses is known far and wide. Therefore, ‘Open Entrepreneurship’ is not just a term to describe our economic ambition and vision for the municipality of ’s‑Hertogenbosch. Entrepreneurs in our city actually embody this credence on a daily basis!

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